In 2004, at the Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering and Electronics (MIREA) a research team was established, led by Professor Elena Mishina, D.Sc., which had been researching the ferroelectric effect in solid-state thin-film structures. In the same year, the first femtosecond lasers were purchased, and the students and graduates joined the activities, thus making it possible to carry the research to a new level. Subsequently, based on the team, the educational and research laboratories "Femtosecond Optics for Nanotechnology" and "Ultrafast Dynamics in Ferroics" were set up at the Department of Physics of Condensed Matter of MIREA. The obtained results were so significant that the Laser Physics and Technology was recognised as one of the priorities in the research activities of the University as a whole. The research is funded under the federal targeted programme, the Russian Government’s megagrant (at the order of r220), the projects of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Science Foundation.


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