One of the trends in contemporary microelectronics is the development of smart systems, which are not only applied in industry, but also shape the digital environment of our daily life. The number of new devices and gadgets is augmenting every year with an increasingly easier integration into one single system. Their creation requires not only miniaturization of microelectronic devices, but also the capacity to respond quickly to market needs and transform ideas into marketed products. The latter is particularly effective with small companies, which are proactive, market-informed, demand-oriented and, most importantly, ready to assimilate approaches for transforming scientific ideas into businesses. However, they need developed infrastructure, i.e. people, ideas, technology and science need to be brought together onto one platform. Such infrastructure is offered by Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center (ZNTC). Anatoly Kovalev, the General Director of the Center, told us about their support and development of high-tech projects.


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