In 1979, in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, a small laboratory was established to develop the equipment for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for semiconductor industry. This laboratory was the first facility of SAMCO International, an innovative developer of plasma solutions. Over the years the company has grown, expanded its product portfolio, opened representative offices, service divisions and centers of research and development in Asia (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam), North America (USA) and Europe (Liechtenstein), changed its name to SAMCO Inc. and had an IPO on the Tokyo stock exchange. Currently, SAMCO employs about 170 people, and the sales of the company exceed 5.3 billion Japanese yen. In 2014, SAMCO’s stock listing was transferred to the first section of the Tokyo stock exchange, where the shares of the companies with the largest capitalization are traded. Mr. Tsukasa Kawabe (on the right in the photo), Director, Member of the Board, Executive Vice President (Global Business) at SAMCO Inc., told us about solutions for the semiconductor industry.


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