The purpose of this work was to propose a configuration of the elements of a model of a continuous chemical reactor that would meet the criteria for the ideality of the operation of chemical reactors. A technique has been proposed for modeling a chemical reactor. The 7-step method for designing reactors makes it possible to select materials for the reactor according to pre-calculated parameters, and makes it possible to carry out a preliminary design of the reactor with the necessary weight and size characteristics. This allowed us to propose the configuration of elements for a multi-stage chemical reactor for continuous mixing of liquids. A six stage reactor configuration has been proposed. In which each stage is an isolated mixing volume. Mixing is achieved by means of an oscillatory element in the form of the base of the reactor. Mixing volumes are designed in such a way that each volume equals 1 liter. All six volumes are interconnected in series, which is achieved due to the correct design of the covers of the mixing volume. One more configuration element of the reactor proposed is a system for monitoring the temperature regime inside the reactor mixing volume. A design like this will allow the construction of a multifunctional chemical reactor for continuous liquid mixing with an output capacity of 6 liters per a working cycle.


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