At the initiative of TBS*, on October 9, 2018, was held a seminar of a new foreign partner, Trymax** (the Netherlands), the recognized leader in equipment manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. The presenters of the company have told about products for plasma-chemical processing of plates, removing of photoresist by isotropic cleaning of surfaces by isotropic etching used in a wide spectra of crystal manufacturing, as well as MEMS, integrated circuits, UHF and other devices. Representatives of the company Paul Simpson and Jann Guillow spoke about Trymax products and solutions, the prospects for its entry into the Russian market in partnership with TBS and answered questions from guests, among whom were engineers of leading enterprises of the industry and business representatives. The interest was caused by the plasma treatment equipment NEO 200 for photoresist removing, etching, stripping plates, capable of processing substrates up to 200 mm. Compactness, low cost and a semi-automatic loading station allows it to be used in innovative centers of advanced development of nanoindustry as a powerful tool for the development of high-tech manufactures. At the end, employees of the TBS company outlined a plan for organizing events in 2019.


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