DOI: 10.22184/1993-8578.2020.

In this work the reliability of the one-time read-only memory devices (OPROM) implemented on the HCMOS8D technology with topological standards of 180 nm and designed to be integrated into the base crystal of the 5521TP series is evaluated. With the use of the base layers of HCMOS8D technology, the structure and design of the programmed by the electromigration mechanism of the elements of the EEPROM – jumpers (eFuse), on the basis of layers of n+-polysilicon and nickel silicide were developed. A technique has been developed to assess the reliability of eFuse intended for use as a part of memory cells in the 5521TP series base crystal. eFuse guarantees the preservation of residual resistance within specified limits throughout the life of the microcircuit.


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