On August 8, 1962 the USSR Council of Ministers issued Decree No. 831-358 "On the organization of a centre for microelectronics "Research Centre" (RC) and a complex of research institutes and design offices in the Union Republics". The SRI-350, nowadays Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing, began to gradually develop the All-Union Centre for Microelectronics in Zelenograd – this date is celebrated as its birthday. So this year RIPMM celebrates its 60th anniversary.
The jubilee is a convenient occasion both to honour the colleagues who stood at the origins of Soviet electronic engineering and to recollect the achievements of the institute team in the development of special technological equipment for production of microelectronic components, as well as to compare plans for the future with the realities of the current market situation. Mikhail Georgievich Biryukov, Director General of RIPMM, gave an interview to our journal.


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