DOI: 10.22184/1993-8578.2020.

A modification of the "NanoScan-4 D" nanohardness meter, which allows of measuring the mechanical properties of articles by the instrumental indentation according to GOST R 8.748-2011 under conditions close to industrial fabrication, has been developed. The main advantage of the described device, unlike most modern portable hardness testers, is the ability to work with a wide class of materials (from metals to solid polymers) since the study of the mechanical properties of products does not require preliminary information on the elastic modulus of the material being tested. Presented are the experimental data obtained on standard samples of the enterprise: polycarbonate and aluminum, as well as on various metal articles used as parts of machines and mechanisms of the oil and gas industry. The measured values of hardness coincide with the values obtained on a laboratory nanohardness meter taking into account the inherent errors of this type of equipment.


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