In this work we investigated dynamic characteristics of the effective susceptibility of random three-component system. We have shown that in the case of large discrepancy of the static local susceptibilities effective dynamic properties are similar to the two-component system. If static coefficients of local dynamic susceptibilities of the components approach each other keeping relaxation parts different, then peculiarities of the three-component system become apparent. In this case the effective active part of the susceptibility possesses two plateaus and the relaxing part demonstrates two maximums. Amplitudes of the maximums for relaxing part depend on the dominating component. Also we investigated a case of double percolation showing that the effective properties can change two times during variation of the fraction of one of the components. In the first case the change is associated with creation of the percolation cluster built from the component (2), the second change is linked to the extrusion of the component (2) and (3) by the component (1) which builds a secondary percolation cluster.


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