| DOI: https://doi.org/10.22184/1993-8578.2024.17.3-4.166.175

A new method of updating the needle of a scanning probe microscope by sputtering different materials on it has been developed, tested and optimised. Experiments on sputtering different metals on the needle were performed, scans were taken with this needle in a scanning tunnelling microscope before and after sputtering metals on it, and the change in resolving power after sputtering metals as the main parameter of the microscope was evaluated. The new method of probe updating was developed for the world’s first space scanning tunnelling microscope, but it is also applicable for probe microscopes of other types, for example, for atomic force microscopes, as well as for various applications of probe microscopes in general, including those operating in vacuum chambers for various purposes.


Разработка: студия Green Art