.A.Bochvar High-technology Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (VNIINM) is one of the leading research centers and the parent organization of the state corporation Rosatom working with material science and nuclear fuel cycle technologies. In the framework of Rosatom, VNIINM is part of the fuel company TVEL. In 2015, the Institute will celebrate its 70th anniversary, so it has the same age as the nuclear industry. The staff of the Research Institute 9, as VNIINM had been called until the early 1970s, participated in the creation of the nuclear shield of the country, nuclear fleet, nuclear energy, and space technology. Today, the nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants, icebreakers, submarines, and research reactors is manufactured at the enterprises of TVEL using the technologies developed by VNIINM. Twenty-seven employees of the Institute became laureates of the Lenin Prize, 160 were awarded the State Prize, 530 were awarded orders and medals. The role and merits of VNIINM in the development of science and technology were recognized when it acquired the status of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation.

Besides the development of nuclear fuel, materials for nuclear reactors and technologies for processing radioactive waste, the Institute is engaged in researching a wide range of material science issues. In 2006, VNIINM established the Rosatom Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials. VNIINM’s General Director, V.B.Ivanov, told us about high-tech innovations of the Institute used in various sectors of the economy.


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