Dynamic mechanical analysis characterization of polymers at elevated and sub-ambient temperatures were performed using a nanohardness tester NanoScan, equipped with a heating and cooling management system consisting of a temperature control stage that used a Peltier thermal element. Analysis of polycarbonate and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) properties showed that heating from room temperature up to 60 °C leads to decrease of hardness value by 15% and cooling to 2 °C causes increase in hardness value by the same value. Changing of polycarbonate elastic (storage) modulus in the temperature range under consideration was not over 10%; loss modulus was near to zero at all temperatures. This study evaluates the elastic (storage) and loss moduli of UHMWPE: both moduli increased by 2 times when the temperature changed from 2 to 60°C.


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