In the conditions of ongoing sanctions confrontation, Russian enterprises and research organizations are forced to adjust approaches to the selection of equipment. In particular, it is necessary to take into account both the risks of refusal to supply equipment, as well as possible problems with their subsequent repair and modernization. As a result, manufacturers from countries that did not impose economic sanctions against Russia have additional advantages. One of the companies that joined the number of unwitting "beneficiaries" of the political situation is MIDAS System Co., Ltd. from South Korea. Founded in 1998 in Daejeon, MIDAS develops and manufactures photolithography equipment: mask aligners, as well as spin coaters. In the homeland of the company, its solutions are used by such giants of the semiconductor industry as Samsung and LG, as well as by leading scientific centers working in the field of microelectronics and nanotechnology. In Russia, the equipment of this brand is supplied by the MINATEH and is also in high demand. At the end of May, at the SEMIEXPO Russia exhibition, we were given the opportunity to find out the details about solutions offered by MIDAS "from the first hand" – from the Director of the Sales division, Lee Peter.


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