The article presents research results of the effect of carbon nanotubes (trade mark "Taunit") on corrosion characteristics of electroplating coating with a tin-bismuth alloy (Sn–Bi) in 0,1 mol Na2SO4 solution. It was shown that additives reduce the corrosion potential down to 54%.
It was registered that carbon nanotubes "Taunit" in the content of the "tin-bismuth" deposition alloy electrolyte on copper demonstrate the inhibiting effect, thus expanding the area of the passive state of copper, which leads to increase in the corrosion resistance effect of the coatings.
The obtained results revealed that the corrosion current in the presence of CNT in comparison with the coating obtained without the CNT additive drops by 99%, and the potential of the corrosion shifts into the positive area. At the concentration of 50 mg/l of the CNT "Taunit" in the electrolyte maximum values of corrosion resistance are achieved.


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