The paper presents the results of surface morphology and crystalline structure for Ga(Al)N layers grown by MBE on 3С-SiC/Si(111) virtual substrates with on-axis and 4° off-axis orientation. RMS values increased up to ~7 nm for on-axis and to ~5 nm for 4° off-axis after 560 nm deposition of GaN. Monocrystalline GaN(0002) was verified by ω-rocking curve measurement with FWHM about 0.61–0.76° for on-axis and about 0.55–0.65° for 4° off-axis. After GaN layer formation wafer bow ascended up to ~18 μm for on-axis and ~12 μm for 4° off-axis and tensile strain for all samples was confirmed.


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